Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Gypsy Cop

First of all, does this guy (Scott) have a life? A job? He can't have a girlfriend for sure. Maybe if he got laid more often he would have more to do than write up articles about law enforcement officer with half-truths and half-ass lies.

I don't know much about the author, Scott Henson, nor do I care. I do however, know that men and women put their lives on the line and their families second to the protection of the citizens of Texas. Most are overworked and underpaid. Then we get someone like Scott Henson who "talks about police reform". Scott is probably a guy who has always wanted to be a cop, but never made it, or he is a cop who is the biggest ass kisser and snitch-- which is probably the only way he could ever get a promotion. (I know your probably not a cop scott, your to wimpy, my sister could beat you up)

I can not believe that anyone would be so desperate for attention that he (SCOTT) would actually talk about someone's love life-- jealous because you don't have one? So what if ANY officer moves from department from department.. Does that mean that anyone that switches job is a "gypsy teacher" or a "gypsy secretary" or maybe a "gypsy lobbier" who works or floats or glides from working for politicians (go figure),non-profit agencies or who ever else he can beg for some tying paper?

Police reform? Maybe you should go out and lobby for bulletproof vests for departments who don't have enough, or maybe higher pay for officers who are so underpaid that their children qualify for Medicaid. Think Scott has time for that? Better yet, Scott should go to work for "Star" Tabloid magazine since his story telling comes from bits and pieces of the truth that he twist and turns and them and malicoulsy prints or post to blantantly slander someone.

Did Scott bother to actually find out that the real deal between DPS and the Task Force Commander was nothing but personal dislike? Let's, see did O'Burke say anything about one of his commanders, who by the way, IS IN CHARGE OF A TASK FORCE RUN BY DPS, getting a ticket in Floresville (after being stopped 2-3 previous times by a THP), he was ticketed for going 95 miles per hour? Or about the fight he started a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DINNER PARTY where he was INTOXICATED BEYOND BELIEF? Let's see what O'Burke would like to say about that. Get a life Scott, or maybe you could get a Badge and try to save some.